Agent Supervision









Don't lose track of what drives profitability in your business....Agents!


Productivity is a result of managed behavior and VOIPx can help.

We keep track of real time stats and give you the tools to stay on top of your changing environment, alerting you to potential problems before they happen. We believe that the VOIPx system is more than just a way to make calls, it's a way to manage your business to its highest efficiencies. Visibility is the key to understanding how you can create opportunity in your business.

In addition, our web interface allows you to easily determine your own custom needs and reports and deploy them to the floor without ever visiting a supervisor that's efficiency!

With 20 years of industry experience and hundreds of call center implementations with other products, it was clear that newer technologies were available to lower the cost and increase the accuracy of the industry. Welcome to VOIPx!

If you're ready to shed the expensive support, limited features, and inaccuracies of your current product, you are ready for VOIPx

VOIPx Predictive Dialing is available as a Hosted or On-site solution. Our hosted solution gives you the flexibility to send calls on-demand. Our On-Site solution gives you the advantage of owning the server required to run your call center solution.