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a new system for about what you pay for support

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In a world of declining software prices, why are you paying more money for Predictive Dialing than ever before?

We wondered the same thing.

With our better tools and industry experience we offer the most advanced product in the industry at a price that you won't believe.


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seat licensing stunting your growth?

Buy an Enterprise License and grow your business!

When you buy an Enterprise license for VOIPx you have a software license to grow your business at the speed and cost that maximize revenues.

Our scalable platform allows you to run hundreds of agents and lines on a single server using VOIP or Sangoma T1/E1 technology. We've designed our answering machine detection technology as software with incredible accuracy, eliminating the need for expensive and outdated card technologies that drive up costs.

Less hardware means less expense!.

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Telephone:+1 303 641 4876