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free yourself from your old software

Introducing VOIPx the first Flash based software combining PBX and Predictive Dialing that runs on any operating system within any web browser
  • ACD
  • Predictive Dialing
  • IVR
  • Text to Speech
  • Automated Payment Processing
  • Advanced Reporting
  • T1, E1, or VOIP dialing
  • Hosted or Premise delivery
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are high prices the only predictive thing about your Dialer

Change the Rules list markerWe were told "you couldn't build a flash based technology with high quality voice communication over IP with the richness and functionality of an application"...we did it.
list markerWe were told "you can't provide quality services and support without using outsourced or offshore resources"...we did it.
list markerWe were told "you can't sell an Enterprise software license because nobody else does" ...we did it.
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suffering from POOR support

Boutique style sales and support The 0structure concept provides each customer an enterprise license, support services provided from the US, and an incredibly fast development cycle. Since we employ a "boutique" style approach for our sales, our exclusive customer base receives the highest levels of support and services. Custom development allows you to create telephony solutions to fit your business.
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who we are?

After nearly a decade in the telephony business in support of Call Center, Collection, Financial Services and many other industries, we decided we'd had enough of expensive hardware solutions that failed to deliver the level of reliability and scalablity the industry needed. So, we threw away the conventions and decided to start over. First off, we wanted a product that natively supported new technology such as virtualization and VOIP. We also wanted a flash based interface that works on any operating system and in any web browser. Finally the product needed to be easy to use and customizable.

After nearly 3 years of core development, VOIPx was born!

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  • June 10th 2011: Replacement of TouchStar system results in 100% increase in contact rate and cuts agent wait tiime by OVER 50%!
  • February 25th 2011: 0structure announces support for DROID Operating system for web applications
  • September 10th 2010: New Virtual Services integration allows customers to create mult-node implemenations through VOIPx Interface
  • July 17th 2010: Innovating their client management applications, 0structure completes VOIPx 2.1 which includes agent coaching, monitoring, and barge!
  • April 2nd 2010: VOIPX announces a developer API allowing OEM partnerships to take advantage of VOIPx, the first completely web based call center platform enabling VOIP deployment of any call center application and delivering scalable system support
  • March 14th 2010: VOIPX version 2.0 delivers support for virtualization!