We make it possible to fully integrate our software into your business. Whether it’s collections, CRM, scheduling, or any other application, we give you the tools to integrate telephony where and when you need it.



Our API allows you to use our .NET control to build, deploy, and test a fully functional telephony integrated VOIP remote client. The integration provides an RTMP control for an embedded soft phone that supports SPEEX. Using our API, your development staff can quickly and easily integrate any client side application with our VOIPx software platform.


Adobe CSS provides all of the tools to generate agent scripted encounters. Whether it's a simple talk through for an agent or collector to follow or a complex multi-platform engagement, ADOBE has extensive development and training tools. In addition, the ADOBE developer network gives you access to an open source group of controls and tools to quickly deploy expansive programs using the fastest development platform in the world!


Safi delivers a robust IVR management suite that allows you to build, test, modify, and implement complex IVR applications in a web based gui. Users can design, test, debug and deploy advanced logic and call routing applications from a single, unified development environment.  Create your own powerful telephony applications including call center IVR's, dealer locators, auto-attendants, prescription refills, order entry, Web Service-based reservation systems, and more.  You can also manage multiple servers, multiple ivr routines, custom messages, and database integration from the same easy to use interface.