Flash means speed

Provides the fastest and lightest delivery of web based technolgy Flash technology allows VOIPx to deliver full, rich interfaces and provides a wide variety of resources allowing our development team to deliver new technology in days, not months and years.

In addition, our core code is written in C, providing a much more robust and multi-threaded software development approach.

LINUX equals stability

Lower your costs and increase your uptimeTired of reboot...after reboot...after reboot? We understand the loss of productivity and downtime that results from rebooting Windows. Inherent limitations in the number of seats and lines result in much higher hardware costs at implementation. It was clear that in order to provide high value, scalable technology, Linux was the only choice....period!

improve your Production

    Manage your leads

    Monitor your agents

    Quality control your calls

    Track important statistics

    Leave messages

    Provide efficient tools

    Improve your AMD detect rate

    Minimize downtime


MYSQL means performance

Your paying too much for your databaseMYSQL has quietly become the fastest selling database platform on the planet. If you think it's not an Enterprise solution, think again. Owned by Oracle, this once open source product has reached new heights in performance and scalability...and all at about 10 percent of the price of SQL server. Deciding on a database platform is a critical piece of the value equation and after careful consideration and rigorous testing, iMYSQL's performance was undeniable. Switch to VOIPx and take advantage of MYSQL in your call center today!