software overview

VOIPx provides your business with all the features of a predictive dialer, call center management solution, and full featured PBX. This unique combination gives you the ability to manage your entire telephony infrastructure, saving you time in training, IT, and support bills!

VOIPx is written to support any client platform and with our Flash technology, we give you a powerful tool to customize the look and feel of the software as well as the functionality. Fully web-based applications mean features can be deployed on any browser or operating system and since enhancements and upgrades are deployed from the server your cost of support is decreased significantly. Our revolutionary apporach to answering machine detection is software based, giving you more control and better results than card based technology and saves you significant investment in outdated cards!

  • Messaging
  • Predictive Dialing
  • Agent Supervision
  • PBX
  • Advanced IVR
  • Lead Management
  • Recording
  • Call Blending
  • Monitor-Coach-Barge


While an IP phone provides the basic telephony interface to the VOIPx system, it does not provide an adequate interface to the Dialer system. In order to help the agent be more efficient in a high volume environment, we have developed Agent which allows call center agent access to a full interactive web page with call data and scripting.
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Managing a call center, a supervisor must have real time access to information about the calling patterns of the system and the agents themselves. VOIPx Supervisor centralizes all of this information and provides coaching, monitoring, barge, and recordings in a simple to use interface.

Providing a one stop shop allows a supervisor to focuson increased production and drive more revenue in the call center!

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Administrator provides a single location for configuring everything from conferencing and IVR, to loading records for dialing, time zone management, ACD, new extensions and agents, recording search and save, and advanced liste management featuers to optimize the way you dial.
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